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Cockpit Cover Find This for My Boat
cockpit cover The area behind a boat's windshield is the cockpit of your boat where you sit and stand to drive and where many, if not all, of your passengers sit.  Like other areas of the boat, the cockpit needs a cover for protection.

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Cockpit Cover Use
Using snaps, attached to the fiberglass around the perimeter of the boat's cockpit area and along the base or to the top of the front of the windshield (depending on OEM specifications for that model), the cockpit cover simply fastens into place for a tight drum-like fit to keep rain, leaves and other debris out of the cockpit of your boat. The sleek look of a cockpit cover protects your interior, doesn't take as long to take on and off as a full
mooring cover, and gives your boat a classy factory look, especially when coupled with a tonneau cover of matching color and canvas (as shown above).  Use it when you need light protection, but it is not recommended as your only cover for off-season storage when your boat is outside under the elements. 
Cockpit Cover
You won't find a cockpit cover at your local marine retail store or even at a boat dealer. Because the cockpit dimensions will vary with every boat model and year, a cockpit cover needs to be a custom fit.  Great Lakes Boat Top has patterns for various boat covers, tops and enclosures for thousands of boat models.  
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Cockpit Cover Parts
A cockpit cover is a very simple cover, made of up just canvas and snaps.  The fabrics and colors available for Great Lakes Boat Top factory replacement cockpit covers vary by boat make and model.  The
marine fabrics used for cockpit covers are originally selected by the boat manufacturer from Sunbrella®, Stamoid™ and SeaMark™. 

Read more about the fabrics offered by Great Lakes Boat Top for cockpit covers.

Cockpit Cover Fit
A boat manufacturer will often offer a cockpit cover as part of an original equipment or factory canvas program for its boat models.  Great Lakes Boat Top has partnered with
almost 30 boat manufacturers over their 50 year history (and still today) to make cockpit covers and dozens of other boat covers, tops and enclosures.  Because we design them through a partnership with the boat manufacturer, every curve is counted and every option included.  If we made a cockpit cover for your boat at the request of the manufacturer, we have the pattern to make that exact same, exact matching, exact fitting cockpitcover for you. Guaranteed

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